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laura lowery

Hello! I'm Laura Lowery, founder and editor of Lucia

Thank you for finding your way here. I’m excited to share Lucia with you. This journal was born from my heart’s longing...not a longing to print a magazine, but a longing to be moved, feel inspired, and connect with what is real. 

The heart’s voice may be quiet at first, but it is clear. If we listen with curiosity, trust and reverence, the world really does begin to change for the better.

That's why I created Lucia—to bring more of the heart's voice into the world of women's media.

When our first issue was printed in 2015, I thought things would take off quickly. I was sure this endeavor would go smoothly and we would be pumping out gorgeous issues once a quarter. Success felt so close I could taste it. Four years later I am a little wiser.

Issue Three : Wild is readying to go to print now and this—for me—is buoyant news. Good things usually do take their time. Our third issue of Lucia will be released in September 2019.

The writers, poets and artists in this new issue stun and ground me with their collective—and relatively young—wisdom. These women weave light with dark, flowers with soil, and prose with song until their voices echo a collective message: This is our heroine’s journey.

I cannot wait to share Wild with you.



about me

I am the founder, editor and publisher of Lucia.

I juggle creating Lucia with my day job as a communications consultant. This work—telling stories, making connections, weaving words—has been my career for the past 20 years.

I’m also a photographer and even spent a decade running a photography business as my side-hustle, capturing portraits, weddings, children and babies. An explorer of mindfulness and the body, I teach a very sweet little restorative yoga class at a women's shelter here in Seattle for survivors of domestic abuse.

I graduated from Whitman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics.